Immune Booster in TestInfusion, Ice Baths and Onion Water: What Really Helps Our Immune System?


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Paying attention to one’s own health is becoming increasingly important to most people. So-called immune boosters are supposed to help with this. But what strengthens our body’s defenses and what is just a myth? Infusions, ice baths, and onion water in the test.

Those with a strong immune system are spared from constant illness. Those who want to strengthen it have the choice of different helpers. These include vitamin C infusions, ice baths, and onion water. Test subjects Svenja and Marius find out what effectively and sustainably supports the immune system.

Which immune booster helps when?

The results show: If one is already weakened, a vitamin C infusion helps to quickly replenish the body’s vitamin C stores. The disadvantage, however, is the price. 70 euros for an infusion are standard.

Those who want to preventively strengthen their defenses can take an ice bath up to twice a week. Then a glass of onion water is suitable, which is not only inexpensive but also supports the immune system in every way. Various vitamins such as vitamin C, but also trace elements such as calcium make the onion a true wonder weapon. With these tips, nothing should go wrong for the rest of this winter.

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